More About Us

Inisys Africa BIM Solutions provides Design, Data Management, Brownfield Scanning and BIM solutions to the Process and Manufacturing industries. A Software provider with all your Training requirements as well as 3D laser scanning and outsourced drawing office services.

A long history in the industry originating from a combination of Antrim/Fast Track Projects and Inisys Africa, we have been providing solutions for as-built capturing, drafting services, Software and Training to both Owner Operators and EPCM's in the Process Plant and manufacturing environment since 1999.

Our team provide an unmatched quality of service of capturing the as-built conditions and creating intelligent CAD models of existing and new designs in order to assist operations to reduce time and costs when doing any changes to their plant or factory.

An Autodesk Gold Partner offering solutions for all your Software requirements and training including technical support to help you through your journey with us.

 A CETA accredited training provider helping to build the future generations in the industry.

We have numerous solutions to suit all budgets.


Meet The Team

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Bill Rice


Colleen Rice


Arthur Lawson


Bruce Middleton


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Carol Middleton

Finance and Human Resource Manager

Christel Steyn

Business Development Manager

Moosa Mathibela



Drawing Office

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Emgee van Der Merwe

Drawing office Manager

Lezanda Carroll

CAD Technician

Jean Delport

Senior Scanning Technician

Adriaan Jacobs



Technical Office

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edited- pp Warren - 02.03.2021.jpg

Angus William Thompson

Applications Engineer

Warren Olander

Product Specialist



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edited- pp Mary - 02.03.2021.jpg

Anelle Mackinlay

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Mary Kuzvidza

Recruitment Consultant



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edited- pp Jerome - 02.03.2021.jpg
edited- pp Rose - 02.03.2021.jpg

Fungai Fundira

Training Administrator

Jerome Klassen


Rose van Sittert




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edited - pp Thuli - 02.03.2021.jpg

Virginia Pamire


Thulisil Nkosi

Receptionist & Administrator