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Managing every item of Engineering Information and Asset Data you can imagine. Seamlessly connect it to other applications and make it accessible everywhere you need it

We understand that data is valuable to several management departments within an organisation. In most cases this information is locked within a specific application and the only way it can be shared is either by having additional licences for the application or exporting it. Data that exists in various locations and application databases very rapidly becomes duplicated, lost, redundant and inconsistent.

We use the Datum360 Connected Data Platform which provides an intelligent way to manage your Engineering Information and Asset Management data.

It connects all of your systems, providing a trusted single source of truth, allowing your people and teams to collaborate effortlessly

Inisys Digital Transformation



3D Laser Scan Step 1

3D Scan & Registration

Using the Leica ScanStation P series which delivers the highest quality 3D data and High-Dynamic Range (HDR), we conduct a 3D scan of the interior and exterior of your building

3D Laser Scan Step 2

Data Processing

Data is processed on a cloud-based system where it is organised and analysed by our team of experienced engineers.

3D Laser Scan Step3

Visualisation & Application

Data is converted into an optimised model for use downstream such as a BIM Model or Plant Model for application on refurbishments & upgrades, space planning, asset mapping & management etc

Technology is a disrupter and enabler – it transforms and destroys business models and competitive advantage. Coupled with the explosion of data, technology is complex and expensive to acquire, implement and maintain. Aligning technology with business needs, making the right technology choices, appointing the right vendors, managing the implementation, and the associated human change with the least disruption and at the best value are challenges facing today’s CIOs.

Issues you may be facing

  • Your industry and market sector is facing technology-driven disruptions or transformations – cloud, SAS, online/digital platforms, social media, the data explosion, low-cost sourcing, and disintermediation
  • Your current technology is hampering your ability to grow across markets, channels, and customers
  • You are considering a large technology upgrade or change or you are facing difficulties with a current technological change
  • Technology and data are dispersed and siloed across your organisation and are slow to respond to changing business needs
  • Your current technology environment and operating model is costing too much
  • You do not trust the quality of the information and reliability of the reports generated by your IT systems and how the underlying data is managed
  • Your systems and data are not secure from natural or intentional spam

How we can help you

  • We work with organisations to develop practical and affordable technology
    and data strategies and architectures
  • We provide implementation support that responds to business needs and
  • We empower and build the capacity of the CIO’s office to respond to this rapidly changing environment through the right skills, structures, project management, service-level agreements, and reporting
  • Independent of vendors and system integrators, we act on your side of the table to ensure you are getting business value, minimising risk, and gaining adoption of technology by your people

Assets are expensive to acquire, create operate, protect and maintain. Assets are at the heart of the success of asset-intensive organisations. Asset management practices that respond quickly to volatile markets, increasingly scarce resources and technological change will deliver success and ensure survival.  Increased uptime, output and asset reliability are non-negotiables today.  This means effective asset planning, scheduling, maintenance, operation, performance monitoring, acquisition & disposal, funding of assets, and accounting for and disclosing of assets

Issues you may be facing

  • You are experiencing an increase in the number of unplanned outages, asset
    downtime and general asset reliability
  • You have a number of underperforming and aging assets
  • You are experiencing scheduling issues, growing maintenance costs, risk and
    safety concerns and environmental issues
  • You are experiencing high operating costs and strained cash flows
  • You have a challenge in complying with new acts, standards, guidelines and
    regulations that impact on the management of assets
  • You have unreliable data with regard to your asset portfolio
  • You need to implement a complete enterprise asset management framework and maximise returns
  • You lack the technology and skill to implement legislative requirements
  • You need a fully ISO 9001-compliant asset management solution
  • You have challenges in verifying the physical existence and condition of assets
  • You need to unbundle immoveable assets and ensure compliance with accounting standards


How we can help you

  • Our enterprise asset management specialists advise on, and work with you to develop and implement an integrated asset management strategy – optimising assets throughout the entire asset life-cycle, from procurement to verification, valuation, maintenance, decommissioning or replacement

Successfully navigating your business through today’s complex and volatile market conditions requires an understanding of the past, a firm grasp on the present, and real insight into the future. Organisations today operate in an increasingly complex and dynamic environment where real-time information is key; whether operational or financial. With globalisation organisations are becoming more geographically dispersed, more complex and thus more difficult to manage. The regulatory burden is also growing forcing organisations to become more transparent. Reliable, timely information is, therefore, essential to survive and compete

Issues you may be facing

  • You have no clear picture of performance across your entire business
  • You are constrained in providing financial and non-financial analysis of your
    business to the Board and other stakeholders
  • You have individual performance targets that are not aligned to business and
    overall organisation strategy
  • You have a high reliance on manual intervention to gather and analyse key performance data
  • You experience different versions of the truth
  • You are faced with unreliable information
  • You experience long lead times in reporting

How we can help you

  • We work with you to translate your strategy and business environment into a meaningful framework of metrics to effectively manage performance and strategic alignment
  • We build your capability to analyse past performance, identify patterns, trends
    and dependencies, report on performance and perform predictive modeling
  • Our data and technology specialists work with your teams to design and implement the most appropriate solutions leveraging your current and future investment in technology and data

Many organisations are feeling the increased weight of responsibility for assessing and managing enterprise risks. Evolving compliance and governance challenges are forcing organisations to ensure that their internal audit functions are operating effectively and efficiently. Internal auditors must make certain that risk management, internal controls and governance processes are accomplishing business objectives and meeting stakeholder expectations. If you’re going to improve the value and effectiveness of your internal audit function, you need a comprehensive understanding of the specific objectives, risks, and priorities relevant to your organisation

Issues you may be facing

  • Your internal audit function follows outdated routines and practices
  • Your internal audit function is slow to respond to changes in your business
  • The current structure of your internal audit function is not appropriate to meet
    your requirements
  • Your internal audit function is under capacity
  • You have a weak internal control environment
  • Little or no reliance is placed on internal audit findings and initiatives
  • You internal audit function is not seen as independent and objective
  • There is a low use of technology within internal audit
  • Your internal audit function needs to be benchmarked

How we can help you

  • We work collaboratively with you to provide internal audit services ranging
    from full outsourcing to co-sourcing and project-by-project assistance
  • We offer enterprise-wide risk management systems and services that provide assurance in improving your business operations
  • We work with your audit committees and business managers to review your internal audit function against IIA standards, rules and recommendations, and most importantly, we use our experienced internal audit staff to help you develop a world-class approach to internal audit, involving techniques and tools that meet the needs of your organisation


At Inisys we have over 10 years of experience in the digitization and transformation of complex process plants and factories

  • Create a trusted data backbone
  • Single source of truth for data
  • Save time wasted on system searches
  • Improve safety with more reliable information sources

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Covering the full lifecycle from projects to operations, the Datum360 Connected Data Platform will intelligently manage and connect all your Engineering Information, models and documents. Datum360 Connected Data Platform has the ability to rapidly consolidate millions of records from disparate systems and present them in a standardised, user-friendly format for analysis

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Do you have data, in different formats (such as 1D and 2D data), for brownfield assets? Datum360 is capable of managing every item of Engineering Information and Asset Data you can imagine. Seamlessly connect it to other applications and make it accessible everywhere you need it. Connect information from other data sources such as EDMS, SAP and other CMMS systems

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In most cases, valuable data is locked within a specific application and the only way it can be shared is either by having additional licences for the application or exporting it. Improve workforce productivity by reducing time spent on searching and validating data

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When exporting data it may have been altered during the host application’s process which means that, on export, the data source is immediately lost and any audit trail that may be maintained in the host application is lost too

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Datum360 effortlessly connects your people and your teams with your Engineering Information and asset Management data providing a true collaborative Connected Data Platform across all areas of your business



Connected Data with Datum360
Health & Safety
  • Improve safety with more reliable information
  • Improve risk awareness through simulated execution of activities
  • It enables team members to better plan
    and coordinate so they can orchestrate job site processes in a safer way
  • Datum360 also allows users
    to complete tasks faster, which means minimizing the time spent on-site on the job site
Configurable Dashboards
  • Set up live dashboards to have full project visibility
  • Whether you are configuring, managing or using the Datum360 Connected Data Platform, the intuitive user interface and tools provide for rapid on-boarding and an engaging mobile user experience
Productivity & Performance Improvements
  • Improve workforce productivity by reducing time spent on searching and validating data
  • Improved job performance with more accurate technical information
  • Improve motivation and job satisfaction by reducing employee frustration
  • Datum360 improves visibility from the inception of a project, through handover to operations and maintenance
  • It’s easy to view timelines, retrieve documents, and communicate with stakeholders
  • All these benefits set up teams for success, which ultimately leads to higher-quality output and favorable outcomes
Change Management
  • Full control and change management of all engineering data, fully auditable to meet legal requirements
  • Support data governance and standards
  • Should any issues arise, a connected Data platform makes these things simple to track, allowing teams to learn and improve
System Integration
  • Link your engineering asset data to documentation
  • Connect information from various data sources such as SAP, EDMS and other CMMS Systems
  • Expand the system across other areas of the site to manage data from other suppliers
Master Tag Register
  • Use the master tag register which comes complete with associated attributes for ease of use in operational and maintenance activities
Asset Portal For Staff
  • Provide a 3d virtual asset portal to your operational staff to allow them to navigate within the digital asset to locate and extract information with ease
  • Map-based GIS navigation using an ESRI database to locate assets




Operating since 1999 we have years of experience. Inisys Africa BIM Solutions has been involved in assisting firms with digital transformation since 1999


With a rich pedigree of delivering 100% successful implementation across the process industries, you can be certain the Datum360 Connected Data Platform will deliver your specific requirements with ease


We have a team of skilled draftsmen and engineers who work on every project. Some of our board members were the first innovators in South Africa to use Datum360


We offer our service all over South Africa and also have a dedicated office in Dubai

Digital Transformation



3D laser scanning FAQ
What is a Common Data Environment

One of the most powerful elements of a connected Data platform is its common data environment (CDE) — a repository that centrally and securely houses all project data, including drawings, models, contracts, specifications, and more. A CDE serves as a single source of truth that all stakeholders can rely on. It promotes stronger collaboration within teams and ensures that everyone is working from the same information

How can Datum 360 improve safety?

A tightly integrated Data platform helps make job sites safer. It enables team members to better plan and coordinate so they can orchestrate job site processes in a safer way. Datum360 also allows users to complete tasks faster, which means minimizing the time spent on-site on the jobsite. And should any issues arise, a connected Data platform makes these things simple to track, allowing teams to learn and improve

How can digital transformation reduce costs?

Companies waste a tremendous amount of time and money fixing problems caused by data loss,
delays, and miscommunication. Datum360 is the one source of Truth keeping everyone on the same page, reducing issues so everyone can focus on getting meaningful work done. By providing all stakeholders with the correct information, they are equipped to be more successful as there will be less cause for rework and delays on projects

Is Datum360 scallable?

The Datum360 Connected Data Platform provides a truly scalable enterprise solution Intelligently managing all your Engineering Information and Asset Management Data requirements across all your facilities. unlimited data, unlimited users, and maximum collaboration across teams and disciplines without any compromise on user performance.
The Datum360 Platform provides effortless delivery of your Engineering Information and Asset Data. The Datum360 Connected Data Platform API integration allows the platform to evolve with the needs of your business to work with existing and future applications or tools



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Our team can now spend more time reviewing the quality and completeness of engineering information, rather than wasting time manipulating the data, as they have done previously

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We have been impressed by the straightforward deployment, data interfacing and performance of the PIM360 system

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3D laser scanning can provide a cost-effective as-built data capture of your plant to create a digital representation of your assets. We specialise in the process plant environment where accuracy is critical 


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